An innovative roofing membrane, the solution to your needs.


Tried and trusted on site

Many years of experience and a multitude of favourable properties have helped TECTOFIN RV become one of the most successful industry firsts in the last few years. Especially when used in new builds and for waterproofing large surface areas, this roofing membrane has proven its worth on site.


Based on a patented formulation

TECTOFIN is unique due to the patented formulation. It is based on ASA (acrylic synthetic rubber), a sophisticated material that has proven its worth in high-tech applications due to its favourable property profile. The acrylic synthetic rubber optimizes in particular the workability and durability of the membrane.


TECTOFIN RV features the following properties:

  • High temperature and weather resistance
  • Resistance to ozone and UV radiation
  • TECTOFIN waterproofing membranes are extremely tearproof
  • TECTOFIN membranes remain highly elastic and thus easily workable even at low temperatures
  • They are suited for both hot-air and solvent welding
  • The wide welding temperature range is very user-friendly
  • TECTOFIN roofing membranes are bitumen-resistant
  • TECTOFIN membranes are well suited for use under green roofs due to their resistance to plant roots and rhizomes (tested acc. to FLL guidelines)
  • TECTOFIN is recyclable
  • TECTOFIN membranes meet the requirements of DIN V 20000-201. In addition, TECTOFIN RV complies with DIN V 20000-202
  • TECTOFIN membranes meet the requirements of BBA


Universal use for all installation techniques

tectofin rv en 001

Mechanically fixed layer structure

tectofin rv en 002

Bonded layer structure

tectofin rv en 003

Loose lay (under protective ballast)

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The speedy roofing solution: TK 395 Foam Insulation Adhesive.

Terokal 395 has been specially designed for bonding thermal insulation materials on flat roofs. This is the future for fixing insulation materials on roof tops: faster, safer and cleaner. Try it out for yourself: Whether used on large surface areas or for bonding around structural details: Terokal 395 offers optimum application properties and ensures perfect results.


Works in cold weather

Terokal 395 can even be applied at substrate temperatures down to -5 °C. Precondition: the can must have a temperature of + 5°C.


Fills joints fast and reliable

Joints and other structural details can now be filled much faster and with reliable results. Its thermal conductivity of 0.035 W/mK makes Terokal 395 the ideal partner for insulation materials.


Levels off uneven areas

Due to the instant foam formation, Terokal 395 levels off any unevenness of the substrate. Extra safety that ensures optimal results.

tectofin rv en 005

Apply the adhesive beads, ...

tectofin rv en 006

... place the insulation board and press home – that's all.


TK 400 – Another unique innovation from Henkel.

TK 400 was specially designed for bonding fleece backed roofing membranes: foam structure, foaming behaviour and durability are optimally matched to the bonding of roofing membranes.


Fast application

Thanks to Foam Gun XL, application is not only comfortable for the back but also very economical. Just screw the can onto the  gun – and off you go!


Low post-expansion

The roofing membrane doesn't show any waves or bumps and adheres uniformly to the substrate.


High yield

When applying three beads per square metre, one can of TK 400 is sufficient to cover up to 16 square metres.


No migration of the adhesive

Thanks to the special foam structure, TK 400 does not penetrate through the porous fabric up to the waterproofing layer. As a result, no adhesive beads and lumps stand out through the membrane. Also, there is no more direct contact between the bitumen surface and the membrane. This means: no more risk of noncompatibility or discoloration.

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