Fast and fire-safe waterproofing

In principle, WOLFIN GWSK roofing and waterproofing membranes consist of the same materials as WOLFIN IB membranes. In addition, however, they have been reinforced with an integrated fleece and come factory-fitted with a self-adhesive layer. Thanks to the self-adhesive layer, the membranes can be securely positioned without the need for mechanical fasteners or ballast. As a result, flat roofs can be waterproofed more quickly and more economically. WOLFIN GWSK ensures a homogeneous surface, in the field areas and at the laps, thanks to a welding edge that is tack-free on one side. The membrane is bonded to the roof surface. It can be used both for the construction of new and the renovation of old roofs (also special roof types).


Equipped with a protective fleece

The new WOLFIN GWSK once more provides impressive proof of the innovative power of WOLFIN Bautechnik. The new WOLFIN GWSK with a protective fleece successfully passed the fire test in compliance with DIN 4102, part 7. This test result applies to all roof slopes and to direct bonding on polystyrene. Due to its special formulation without additional fireproofing agents, WOLFIN GWSK has a very low fire load and thus offers a very high fire protection effect. In the event of

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fire, the special formulation – combined with the integrated protective fleece – prevents the fire from burning through the membrane down to the thermal insulation. WOLFIN GWSK with protective fleece offers a combination of several advantages. If necessary, the membrane can be directly bonded on an insulation layer made of high-quality polystyrene (at least EPS DAA dh/PS-30). Installation of the membrane is as easy and user-friendly as craftsmen have come to expect from WOLFIN.

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Cost-effective refurbishment

WOLFIN GWSKA DA roof- and waterproofing membranes help to optimize the refurbishment of bonded GWSKA rooflayers. The GWSKA membranes are typically equipped with a self-adhesive layer which also has special drains for optimal vapour pressure equalization. The lateral spreading of the moisture and the low diffusion resistance help to speed up the drying-out of the roof considerably. Due to the black colour of the WOLFIN membranes a high vapour pressure develops quickly when when they are exposed to the sun rays, causing the roof layers to dry out efficiently.