Elegance. Style. Esprit. The graceful wave for clay roofs. The feminine lines meet the demand for harmonious form. It represents a luxurious lifestyle, with an emphasis on economy and contemporary roof culture.
• Requirement per m²: approx. 10 pieces

• standard roof slope: 22°

big forma Size
ca. 29,5 x 46,5 cm
Covering length
ca. 37,7 - 39,7 cm
Medium Covering width
ca. 25,5 cm
Supply required per m²
ca. 10,0 Stück
Weight per piece
ca. 4,0 kg
Weight per m² (DIN 1055)
ca. 0,55 kN/m²
Real weight
ca. 40 kg/m²
forma 1 forma 2 forma 3 forma 4
Lotus red Lotus brown Lotus black Red engobe
forma 5 forma 6 forma 7 forma 8
Copper engobe Burl wood special engobe Maroon special engobe Cobalt blue special engobe
forma 9 forma 10 forma 11 forma 12
Anthracite engobe Celadon green special engobe Titanium silver special engobe Black diamond special engobe

 "Ergoldsbacher Forma"  "Ergoldsbacher Forma"  "Ergoldsbacher Forma"  "Ergoldsbacher Forma"  "Ergoldsbacher Forma"