As a result of its characteristic form the hollow tile preserves the character of old and listed buildings. The tile allows even the most awkward roof surfaces to be covered.

Its narrow form, with no fold either at the top or the side, means that the hollow tile is also found on exclusive new buildings with ambitious roof architectures.


lielsTechnical specifications
Whole tiles

Length: ~ 39,0 cm
Width: ~ 24,5 cm
Exposure lenght: ~ 32,0 cm
Exposure width: ~ 30,0 cm
Requirement: ~ 16,5 tiles/m²
Weight: ~ 2,5 kg
Minimum roof slope: 40°

The following colours are available:

vecinats angobets banked mala tonis sakrans angobets sarkana rusta angobets melns angobets
old coloured engobed banked natural red red engobed sarkana rustika, angobēts red rustic engobed