The R 10 combination tile takes up the classic form of the Rheinland tile. The large format is easy and particularly economical to lay.

The combination tile, together with moveable verge flashing, can be adapted to lath widths of between 30 cm and 42 cm, and is therefore the ideal large clay roofing tile for roof renovation.

big r10Technical specifications
Whole tiles

Length: ~ 48,5 cm
Width: ~ 29,5 cm
Exposure lenght: ~ 30,0 - 42,0*cm
~ 40,0 - 42,0**cm
Exposure width: ~ 24,9 cm
Requirement: ~ 10,0 tiles/m²
Weight: ~ 4,6 kg
Minimum roof slope: 30°

* in compination with Verschiebe-Ortgangziegeln
** in compination with Ortgangziegeln
The following colours are available:

melns old coloured engobed vecinatsold coloured rustic engobed bordobrown engobed brunscopper red engobed
tumsibrunsflamed red / yellow engobed vecinats-angobetsred engobed malared rustic engobed sarkanbrunsslate black  engobed