Bender Palema - Swedens most popular tile.       

Bender Palema is a double-s profile tile with classic looking which fits all roofs. For you Palema is the easiest roof to set. You can choose between five diffrent top coated and a lot of colors.
Consider the roof is the fifth frontage of the house and has big matter for the look. All combinations of coatings and colors give you the possibility to find your personal roof.

Try the roof- and frontprogram to the right side!



Length: ~ 42,0 cm
Width: ~ 33,0 cm
Length on the roof: ~ 31,5 - 37,5* cm
Width: ~ 30,0 cm
Peace/m2: ~ 8,9-10,8 tiles/m²
Weight: ~ 4,0 kg
Minimal roof angle: 22°

* depending on roof angle

Available colours:

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